Sonu Nigam: One of The Most Experimental Singers of Our Industry

Sonu Nigam is one of the most versatile and experimental singers the Bollywood industry has. Different genre, sound, language, and music -he has tried all of that. Sonu’s father, Agam Kumar Nigam used to perform in stage shows. Little Sonu used to accompany his father to his shows and his interest in music grew from... Continue Reading →


9 Songs You Should Listen To When DEPRESSION Haunts You

Depression is a negative energy revolving around and within you that needs to be pulled out and thrown away. Because you don't deserve to be sad, nobody in the whole world should let their minds haunt them. And it surely does not depend on the financial well being. Just take a recent example of Linkin... Continue Reading →

Why Bollywood movies have songs and dance?

You must have wondered how and why bollywood movies have songs probably just in between an ongoing situation, a scene that can be done in a minute but takes 4-5 minutes through songs, or sometimes for no reason at all. And it doesn't end to the song but our actors dance on the streets, in... Continue Reading →


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