Bollywood Perspectives That Slapped Indian Education System

Social message has been a hot topic since many years in bollywood. What cannot be experienced in real can be shown in the dreamworld, and that's what movies try to do for winning hearts of many. Check out the list to understand what Bollywood teaches the Indian Education system directly and indirectly. 1. 3 Idiots-... Continue Reading →


21 Movies To Watch When You’re Bored

Bollywood has some of the best movies which are soley for entertainment and lightening up our mood. These movies have confusing plots and complex sub-plots which in turn feed us with laughter. And the best part? We can watch it again and again, still its essence remains the same. Here is the list of 21... Continue Reading →

Why Non-Masala Movies Don’t Receive Public Response Despite Their Good Stories?

Have you seen any website, news channel or our own friends updating about the Box-office collection of underrated movies? Probably yes, but very, very rarely. All updates are about the masala movies that are kept into the 100 crore club. Why? Because everyone knows that big budget movies ultimately grab larger audience, wide spread fame... Continue Reading →


Eye-Opening Scenes That Present The Reality Of Independent India

Are we really independent? Well, yes we are. We are independent from the British empire, but ruled by our own Indian evil practisers. Back then, we had superstitions and wrong customs which got eliminated by British governors. But as something can be destroyed, something can be emerged as well. India saw various obstacles, some were... Continue Reading →


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