Dance Styles That Got Renowned Due To Bollywood

Nothing influences Indian minds more than movies. Bollywood has been a major contribution for cultural exchange in Indian states as well as in foreign countries. Since Hindi movies always have songs and dance, there emerged a scope fo varity. (Also see: Why Bollywood Movies Have Songs And Dance?) From traditional dance to western dance, Bollywood... Continue Reading →

Movies That Made Us Lost Into Their Worlds

Depiction, portrayal, representation are only words. Best directors know how to capture the essence of it through perfection of every film technique - camera angles, shots, dialogues, set design, costume, color combination, and music. All these elements deliver a masterpiece if used cleverly and analytically. Movies have different themes. They show various professions and their... Continue Reading →

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Diplomacy is the remedy to Tyranny.

Story of my life

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Have a Read , Then Giggle !!

Street Food in Mumbai

Are you Hungry? Don’t just grab a Snickers, there’s a lot for your Hunger in the streets of Mumbai…