#Review Pari- Not A Fairy Tale

Released on 2nd March, Pari continues to haunt the theatres with its horrifying, bitter and brutal atrocities. Consumed with utmost wildness, Pari is surely not a heartwarming fairy tale but a heartbreaking misery.

The film sets in Kolkata where Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) is finding a decent girl for tying the knot. He meets Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty) and things work out pretty good. As Arnab and his parents drive back home, in the middle of the road surrounded by wild trees, a middle-aged woman is gruesomely tossed out by their car and lies dead.

Arnab approaches the woman and calls the police. During inquiry, all claim it a suicide. When police, along with Arnab, search for her house, they hear someone sobbing inside. A girl named Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) in her mid-twenties, severely hurt and injured, trembles and hides her face. They all assure safety and bring her to the hospital. Arnab takes care of her mother’s mourning and arrives home only to know that she has come along all the way barefoot.

As the days pass, she continues to live in his apartment and develops feelings for him. However, there is something that troubles her and she witnesses horrifying incidents every day. One day, Arnab is told by a professor that Rukhsana is not what he thinks. She does not deserve his love and affection.

Who is Rukhsana and what is she hiding? Is it deep down burried under her blue sparkling eyes, the deadpan look, or a gloomy memory? Or perhaps none of them? Watch it and find out for yourself.

Direction: Prosit Roy

I found the movie more horrendous than horror. It started out extremely slow paced, and first half contained more of plot building and hidden clues which later related in the climax. In between the petrifying scenes, there are some surprising elements of humor. However, some of the scenes could have been more subtle and quick to bring down the dullness.

Cinematography: Jishnu Bhattacharjee

I loved the visual representations. All shots nicely pictorialized the story and gained the expected weightage for overall scenes. It brought a special cool light exposure required for horror theme and a stormy weather to support the rising tension.

Editing: Manas Mittal

Trailer and teaser were awesomly edited with fast-paced jump cuts. Compared to the trailer, I found the movie more slow-paced and few of the screamers were predictable enough due to slow cuts and lack of spontaneous background score. Also, some of them were not included in the movie at all. The sequencing helped to understand the plot logically and reveal the story in a graudal manner.

Acting: Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee

Everyone did a great job in acting including main and supportive cast. Both Anushka and Parambrata glued to their roles till the end. Anushka lived the mysterious but sweet-innocent character of Rukhsana.

I will give it 7/10. It’s a violent and supernatural thriller and an appreciative effort to create authentic and realistic performance in horror theme after a long time.

Do not watch if you have a sensitive heart because it contains a lot of disturbing scenes.


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