Hospital Etiquettes Every Person Should Follow

1. ‌Take Permission Before Visiting.

The patient can be engaged in a surgery, treatment, examination or just can be asleep. It’s better to inform earlier about your visit.

2. Wash Your Hands Properly.

Washing hands keep the germs off of your hands. During illness, patient’s immune system is very delicate and they can be attacked by the smallest and weakest germs. Also, washing hands keeps you safe and healthy.

3. ‌Keep Your Phone Silent.

Phone rings, no matter how low, can be a headache for the patient. Generally, hospitals are quiet due to giving patients mind rest. Their ears become habitual of this quietness and sudden loud ring can cause an irritation.

4. Stay For a Short Span of Time.

The patient and the visitor, both love to see each other. But patient needs enough rest for the immune system to digest the medicines and regular meal. Short and sweet visit works the best.

5. Knock Before Entering.

Doctor can be treating or just examining the patient and it’s unprofessional to enter directly. Knocking is the perfect way to enter not only a hospital, but anywhere you go.

6. ‌Excuse When the Doctors Come.

Unless doctors themselves say to stay, you should give enough privacy to the doctor and patient.

7. ‌Wear Simple and Tidy Clothes.

Light color and plain clothes are best for a visit in hospital. Light color relaxes the eyes and plain pattern represents stillness. Since the patient cannot move much, plain pattern helps in avoiding all the messy designs and confusing patterns.

8. Don’t Take Small Children.

Children are energetic and curious. The energy can cause disturbance in the quiet atmosphere and their curiosity will force them to wander the surrounding in which they can get lost or the patients can get disturbed.

9. ‌Don’t Talk or Laugh Loudly.

Similar to putting phone on silent, staying quiet or talking with low and relaxed voice can help the patient be relaxed and positive.

10. Don’t Wear Any Fragrances.

Perfumes or deodrants may give nice odor, but the nicest odor can be nauseatic for the patient. Due to their weakness, they can easily get infected.

Doctors and staff do their best to create a blissful environment for the patients. It’s our duty also to keep them safe and relaxed.


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