Bollywood Class: Life Lessons Learnt From Movies

Who says Bollywood is only about masala movies, songs and dance? In fact, it’s a mixture of all those elements defining an Indian life. We dream, we chase, we fall, and find our new self. In this difficult phase, we all know how to enjoy the moment that is worth living. There are movies which had us thinking about our decisions and the way to pursue them.

Let’s revise the lessons again:

1. Capability Leads to Success.

3 Idiots

3 Idiots was a harsh reality of Indian Enggineering colleges. It honestly focused on the struggles of students to cope up with their education system. However, the winner is the one who truly wants to learn rather than memorizing without understanding.

2. You Are The Master of Your Happiness.


Rani became Queen by her choice. She taught us to be independent, confident and most importantly your own self. Betrayed on her own wedding by her own boyfriend is more than a big deal. But this isn’t the end of all. She understands the importance of her own life and finds her own self in the journey.

3. Develop Your Own Identity.

Wake Up Sid

Be it any small or big profession, work is work and that gives us money, respect, and independence. Having the potential to earn for yourself but still living under the luxurious life earned by our parents is not satisfactional. Instead, we should mould our talents and make our parents feel proud.

4. Don’t Distance The Closed Ones.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum

Trust issues, misunderstanding, jealousy, and arguements are poison for any relationship. Family looks after you, cares and protects you. Little fights strengthen the relation when we realize the pain of being away from our loved ones. Clear out the misunderstandings right there or else the constant guilt will haunt you forever.

5. Keep Your Personal Life Prior To Everything.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Earning to become well-settled is the funda of every individual. But when the same personal life which went through lot of struggle to have the settled life is finally vanished, there is no meaning left to the organised, steady life until you give time to your own self, to have your own pleasure.

6. Take Care of Those Who Take Care of You.


The increasing number of old-age homes tells the ruthless mentality of today’s generation. Those parents who brought you up, fed you, educated you, and loved you to the core are left alone with strangers. They deserve the same love, respect and place in your heart.

7. Do Not Bear Abuse. Fight For It.


Big or small, abuse is abuse. It leaves horrendus effects both physically and psychologically. This trauma is hard to overcome. Nobody has the right to destroy your life and hence you should not accept the pain but fight for it.

Movies have different interpretation for different people. Sometimes, they have both good and bad messages but it’s our responsibility to take what is good and work for our betterment.


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