Movies That Made Us Lost Into Their Worlds

Depiction, portrayal, representation are only words. Best directors know how to capture the essence of it through perfection of every film technique – camera angles, shots, dialogues, set design, costume, color combination, and music. All these elements deliver a masterpiece if used cleverly and analytically.

Movies have different themes. They show various professions and their lives. While picturing their lifestyle, the filmmaker must consider the surrounding of the protagonist’s world to create the best suitable atmosphere. Best are those which make us feel that we are into the movie, living the character’s life.

Below are some movies which succeeded in holding the audience to their seats. The visualization was poured perfectly to match the given scene and thus, it created their own worlds.

1. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Directed by Milan Luthria and based on the real life gangsters ‘Haji Mastan’ and ‘Dawood Ibrahim’ portrayed by Sultan Mirza and Shoaib Malik respectively, this film brings a chilling refelction of the underworld life of Mumbai in the era of 80’s. The power of Sultan that controls the city and the menace (Shoaib) who craves for the same power show the different shades of the underworld.

2. Swades

Ashutosh Gowarikar set out a simple but realistic representation of the lives of people in rural areas. They have to compromise to the given situation and helplessly get accustomed to it. This underrated movie put light on the insufficiency of electricity, water supply, infrastructure and basic food that many villages are deprived of.

3. Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year

Director Shimit Amin brings out the best in everything to make a realistic Sales world. This comedy drama describes every salesman’s inner feelings and how they have to work opposite to their beliefs and according to their bosses. Maintaining good customer relation but with a rational approach is what a salesman is taught and ought to do in their whole life. They are taught how presence of mind and excellent communication is the best medicine that works and not the condition of the product they sell.

4. Slumdog Millionaire

Though this is a British drama directed by Danny Boyle, it is shot in Mumbai and is a loose adaptation of Q & A by Indian author Vikas Swarup. We witnessed the harsh truth behind the beggers wandering throughout the day and living in slums. The business of beggers and huge money making, lost relations and inhumanity are all the factors which separate them from our world. And this world was depicted thoroughly realistic with every element.

5. D-Day

Three undercover agents are forced to face some drastic situations which lead them to take unwanted decisions against their personal life. Director Nikhil Adwani sets a heartening tale of untold story of unknown agents who fight for their country and destroy terrorism. Their priorities don’t change even if the country disowns them. Their sacrifices, inner screams for the loved ones are shut when the duty calls.

6. Mangal Pandey- The Rising

Directed by Ketan Mehta, this historical drama portrays the Indian rebellion of 1857 sparked by Indian soldier Mangal Pandey. He shoots a British officer that initiates the rebel. The overall setting from costume, dialogues and the atmosphere that it created was able to take us into the historical era of independence.

7. NH10

A thriller directed by Navdeep Singh develops a spine chilling surrounding that haunts us throughout the film. The stunning performance, close-ups, background score adds more spice to the tension. It shows the horrific situation of NH10 – National Highway 10 which is 403 km long – where a young couple gets involved in a brutal case of honor killing and struggle to survive and escape from the dangerous site.

8. Border

Based on the Battle of Longewala during Indo-Pak war of 1971, director J.P. Dutta takes us into the raging, passionate world of Indian soldiers who have to constantly sacrifice their personal life, priorities, loved ones, family, and their colleagues during war for protecting the soil of our country. Their heartwarming moments and excruciating conditions leave a major impact on us that develops respect.

Direction is done well when you bring the scene into life, when the thin line between reality and drama fades away, and when the audience can find themselves into a new world- a world created by the director.


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