Has Bollywood Lost Its Charisma?

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, Half Girlfriend, Raabta, Noor, OK Jaanu, Bank Chor, Rangoon, Meri Pyaari Bindu, and now Tubelight. Has Bollywood really started the journey to its end? Surprisingly, none of the above mentioned movies succeeded to impress despite its renowned cast.

There was a time when Hindi films would make a buzz in our minds and rule on televisions, newspapers and radios for a much longer period without the use of social media marketing and excessive promotions like now.


The melodious songs, witty dialogues, unusual get-ups of unusual characters and most importantly Indian culture, all would be a complete package. The expectations increased through the decades; not the satisfaction.

Where are unique stories? Forget unique, there aren’t stories left to be filmed apart from copying south movies. Hence, we found another solution – Films based on biography and real events. Yes, biographies should exist to set an example, and there is no better way to learn about a real incident than through films. Still, we must think about it. Shouldn’t these movies be made upto a limit? Like once in a year or two? There have been plenty of these: Airlift, Neerja, Mary Kom, MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Dangal. These are the blockbustors that we boast about. If bollywood can make so many wonderful portrayals out of reality, then why is it lagging behind in fictional creativity?

There are other genres such as Comedy, Horror and Suspense, but comedy becomes sex-comedy like Grand Masti; horror films are sexualized like Raaz 3; and Suspense has no place since nobody has time to think analytically. Direction and Cinematography may excel, but a dull story pulls down all the efforts. On the contrary, story may be convincing but direction fails to convey the message.

We have no stories or at least no impressive stories left behind, but we do have songs, don’t we? Maybe no! They are just a bunch of remix versions of old songs. Mai tera boyfriend, Ishq tera tadpave, Laila, Saara zamana haseeno ka deewana, Tamma Tamma, and many more.


If you noticed, you would have wondered why every one of two songs is made in complete Punjabi language. I don’t intend to disrespect, but I feel it’s hindi cinema and it should stick to what is understood by everyone unless the movie wants to display the related culture. E.g. Jab We Met has Punjabi songs to specify the culture of Punjab in that movie.

Another reason of Bollywood movies getting flopped is the change in its whole structure. A nice, good looking pair gets cast in the movie, and their offscreen chemistry is more sparked up and gossiped than the chemistry in their films. Bollywood has strived to focus on personal lives of actors and glorify their love affairs. We are stoked to go and fall in the trap by watching them in theatre.

images (72)

Bollywood news give more knowledge about the actors’ personal lives than their movies. Who attended whose party? Most importantly who did not attend the party? Who broke up with whom? Who wears what? Who copied whose fashion? How much did the dress cost? We get bomabarded with these unlimited and irrelevant questions which then ultimately ignore the core factor i.e. their performance in the film.

There are still some rays of hope found among some of the low-budget films that actually try to develop the storyline. Even if they fail at times, at least they keep on trying something new.

Unless Bollywood’s game of fame is over, the emerging and skilled people will have to struggle hard to get what they deserve.


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