#Review Pari- Not A Fairy Tale

Released on 2nd March, Pari continues to haunt the theatres with its horrifying, bitter and brutal atrocities. Consumed with utmost wildness, Pari is surely not a heartwarming fairy tale, but a heartbreaking misery. The film sets in Kolkata where Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) is finding a decent girl for tying the knot. He meets Piyali (Ritabhari... Continue Reading →


How to Develop a Character In Film?

Different factors are emphasized as the medium changes. While writing a book, minute details are specified about the setting, characters' personality and inner feelings. In a visual medium like film, many of the things are difficult to explain, hence the highlights are actions and expressions. In addition, appropriate lighting, camera angle, frame and dialogues are... Continue Reading →

#Nostalgia: 21 Popular Bollywood Tunes That Made Us Crazy!

Songs are inseparable part of Bollywood. No other promotion of movies work better than releasing the album of the movie to catch attention and win interest. We listen to the songs, repeat them, dance in clubs or weddings and even sing bollywood songs anytime with anyone. But sometimes it doesn't need the whole song. There... Continue Reading →


These Celebs Smashed The Haters With Their Tit For Tat Replies

While there are fans of Bollywood celebrities, haters will never leave them either. Twitter is a place where they get easiest way to connect with the celeb and to get a reply, they can go to any extent. But Bollywood celebs are no less than them. Check out some of the wittiest replies these actors/actresses... Continue Reading →


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